A aur helper and a pacman wrapper
git link
remember to read this to know how aur packages are traditionally installed


Install Yay

On Arch

sudo pacman --needed -S base-devel git
git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/yay.git
cd yay
makepkg -si

On Manjaro

sudo pacman --needed -S yay base-devel
--needed is so that packages in the base-devel group are not reinstalled unnecesssarily
press enter to whatever it asks you

Install packages

search and select what to install
yay searchterm
if you know the packages name you can
yay -S packagename

Update everything

if you've installed aur packages without yay before run
yay -Y --gendb
this generates the database needed for updating git/devel packages

this will update everything including -git packages from the aur (add a to the -Syu to update only aur packages)
yay -Syu --devel --timeupdate

Enable color

sudo sed -i 's/^#Color/Color/' /etc/pacman.conf
yay colors

Get pkgbuild

yay has the ability to download pkgbuild's from the aur and abs
yay -G packagename

Clear cache

clears ~/.cache/yay
yay -Sc

Remove Yay

sudo pacman -R yay